À la carte cocktail menu

Cocktails with unique flavours in an exclusive panorama

The restaurant with sea view in Sardinia is the ideal place if you love genuine and first quality food and good drinks. Sipping the cocktails made by the bartenders in a dream atmosphere will transform your leisure moment into a unique and unforgettable experience. The cocktail menu includes a wide range of drinks, all made with great passion and competence, the staff is able to correctly mix the famous classic alcoholic drinks to create various types of drinks: frozen drinks like the Daiquiri, the Pina Colada, the Sweet Love California, that is a delicious drink which combines the fruit flavours with Baileys; the long drinks are delicious as well and include the Long Island Ice tea and the Tequila Sunrise. All the traditional cocktails requested by the clients will be revisited and customized thanks to the mastery of the barmen of the restaurant with sea view in Sardinia, in order to satisfy the needs and different taste of the aperitif lovers. The menu of non-alcoholic drinks is very rich as well; most of them are made with fruit. One of the best is the Berry Banana, prepared with orange juice, cranberry juice, banana mix and milk cream; the Bibi Fruit is also very delicious with orange juice, peach juice, sour and strawberry mix.
The muddled cocktails are also really delicious and ideal for the warm summer temperatures. The king is the famous and delicious Mojito, with a mixture of mint, rum and sugar cane, and is one of the most beloved cocktails. Another very good cocktail included in the menu of the Restaurant Tomà in the muddled section is the Africano, made with the bitter Montenegro liquor mixed with lime and orange juice, sugar syrup and Coke: the result is a drink with an unusual and original flavour.
The restaurant Tomà offers a wide choice of non-alcoholic cocktails, which combine the sweet taste of fruit with sugar and taste excellent to the client’s palate. In a hot summer night, there is nothing better than spending some hours in this enchanting place where, in addition to good food and good cooling cocktails, you can enjoy some background music from sunset till late in thenight.

Long Drink

Acqua Marina - malibù, banana liquor, blue curaçao, sweet&sour, orange juice
Green Jamaica - malibù, banana liquor, melon liquor, orange juice
Japanese Iced Tea - vodka, gin, rum, melon liquor, sweet&sour, lemon
Long Island Iced Tea - vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, sweet&sour, Coke
Miami Vice - vodka, gin, rum, blue curaçao, sweet&sour, lemon
Sex on the beach - vodka, peach liquor, pineapple juice, cranberry mix
Screwdriver Madras - vodka, orange juice, cranberry juice
Singapore sling - gin, cherry liquor, lemon juice, pineapplejuice, grenadine
Tequila Sunrise - tequila, orange juice, grenadine

Muddled cocktails

Africa – Montenegro liquor, limejuice, orange juice, sugar syrup, Coke
Caipirinha - cahaca, lime juice, white sugar
Strawberry Caipiroska - vodka, peeled strawberries, lime juice, white sugar
Capiroska - vodka, limejuice, white sugar
Mojito - rum, lime juice, mint, white sugar, soda
Mojito Fidel - rum, lime juice, mint, white sugar, beer
Moscow Mule - vodka, lime juice, ginger beer

Classic Drinks

Alexander - brandy, white cocoa liquor, milk cream
Cosmopolitan - vodka, cointreau, sweet&sour, cranberry mix
Daiquiri –white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup
Grasshopper –green mint liquor, white cocoa liquor, milk cream
Manhattan - whiskey, red vermouth, angostura
Margarita - tequila, cointreau, lime juice
Martini - gin, dry vermouth
Martini 007 - vodka, dry vermouth
Stinger - brandy, white mint liquor

Non-alcoholic drinks

Berry banana – orange juice, banana mix, cranberry juice, milk cream
Bibi Fruit – orange juice, peach juice, sweet&sour, strawberry mix
Miami (frozen) – orange juice, peach juice, banana mix, strawberry mix
Safe sex on the beach – pineapple juice, peach juice, orange juice, strawberry mix
Virgin mojito (muddler) - lime, white sugar, mint, tonic

Party shooters

Blowjob - baileys, kahlua, whipped cream
B52 - kahlua, baileys, grand marnier
Chupito - rum and pear juice
Kamikaze - vodka, triple sec, sweet&sour
Messican passion - tequila, pessoa, sweet&sour
Orgasm shooter - baileys, amaretto, kahlua, milk cream
Tequila salt and lemon - tequila, salt, lemon

Frozen drink

BBC - baileys, pineapple juice, coconut mix, banana mix
Daiquiri frozen –white rum, lime juice, sugar syrup
Pina Colada - rum, pineapple juice, coconut mix
Sweet love California - baileys, strawberry mix, banana mix, coconut mix