Aperitifs in Santa Maria Navarrese

Cocktail music and fun

The tradition of the aperitif dates back to 1786, when the Piedmont entrepreneur Antonio Benedetto Carpano launched for the first time a drink based on wine, prepared in a special way and known as Vermont. From that moment on the aperitif started to spread in Italy and has become an integral part of the habits and costumes of the Italian population.
A tradition which has spread more and more, especially in the last ten years, becoming a trend for the new generations. The aperitifs in Santa Maria Navarrese are now a fixed and unavoidable appointment for all local people. The restaurant Tomà is the ideal location to cool down and to spend some pleasant time sipping a fresh beer or a very good Tequila Sunrise. Every day from 7PM till late cocktail, music and fun for the clients participating in the aperitifs. This ritual represents an unavoidable moment, a widely spread fashion among young people, especially in the summer, when there is nothing better than drinking a good icy drink with your friends to fight the hot temperatures. If the magic moment of the aperitif is in a fantastic location like the restaurant Tomà, in a location with an amazing panorama, which offers an enchanting view on the crystal clear and famous sea like the Sardinian sea, then it is impossible to resist.
The aperitif in Santa Maria Navarrese might be followed by a tasty dinner, trying the various dishes of the restaurant on the second floor of the building. Meat and dish starters, pasta and main dishes, a unique and refined cuisine, studied by the chef with attention and care. The ingredients are mainly local and first quality. The menu is rich in dishes ranging from fish delicacies like the tuna or swordfish carpaccio with cherry tomatoes, the delicious octopus salad with potatoes and rocket salad to other dishes like the cannelloni with spinach and ricotta or the risotto with Cannonau wine and gorgonzola cheese.