Conditions of use of the site and data processing

In order to use the services offered on this domain of axélero S.p.A. properties and used and managed independently by the User (for which references are given in the Contact section of the site), you will need to register by choosing a username and password, if required, through the completion of any required fields and provide personal information ensuring that they are current, complete and veritiere.I services must be used only for lawful purposes and in line with the purposes of this site, failure to fulfill this commitment will make you subject to civil and / or penale.A following registration you will have access to all or some of the services on this site, assumendoti full responsibility about the declarations, statements and any data included or to you due indirettamente.Potrai to make comments on the products purchased and / or offered for sale, on the services offered by the User of the site after reading these Conditions, assuming full responsibility for what you riconducibili.axéleroSpA or the Site User may in no way be held responsible for any breach by you accomplished or even claims for damages and claims which may be made by third parties in relation to the materials that you place including the Public Authority and Authority control advertising matters, without prejudice to your liability for any damage caused to axélero or all'Utilizzatore.Tutte the steps taken following the consultation of this site will be that you freely made.axélero S.p.A. or the Site User shall not be liable for any incorrect interpretations and activities undertaken by you as a result of the consultation of this sito.axélero S.p.A. or the Site User will have the right to interrupt and / or performing activities you have done through this site at any time and without notice as a result of failure to follow these Condizioni.axélero S.p.A. assumes no responsibility for the content placed on this website by its users, and by the User, pledging only to provide for the timely removal of the disputed content by third parties who have suitable signaling to the person concerned and / or authority competente.Assumi also the commitment not to destroy, alter or interfere in any way with any software and / or this site server, and not to prevent or interfere with the use of services by third parties. Accept, also, not to alter or interfere with any information or materials, or services to them associati.I services are provided in the factual and legal state in which they are located. axélero S.p.A. and Site User exclude, therefore, all warranties, express or implied, with respect to the quality or on particular characteristics of the services, as well as will in no event be liable in the event that the services are unavailable jumping off, in whole or in part, or, for any other mode by which the service was made. They not also ensure continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to the service, since the operations of this site may be interfered with by numerous factors outside in the possibilities of axélero SpA or the User of the sito.axélero control SpA or the User of the site reserve the right to provide and ask you to accept, from time to time, additional terms of use applicable to specific parts or sections of this site. These additional conditions will be entered into the parts of this site to which they refer and shall be clearly identificabili.axélero S.p.A. and Site User may change these Terms. The changes will be deemed accepted by the use of the site by dell'utente.La law governing these Terms is the Italian law. This Agreement has been drawn up in Italian. Any dispute arising from the relationship governed by this Agreement will be referred to the ordinary courts italiana.axélero S.p.A. or site User not guarantee that the contents of this site are appropriate or lawful in other countries. The invalidity, nullity or ineffectiveness of one or more of these Terms if accepted, will not result in the invalidity, ineffectiveness or nullity of the remaining provisions which shall remain valid and effective.

For the use of this site is an essential condition, observe the following user comportamento.Ogni rules must respect all those who interact, their ideas, their web spaces and their products and remember that the comments system is accessible to all and readable by all. Users interact with each other with the sole purpose of being able to express their opinions or clarifications. Not have allowed exchanges of personal information whose content is outside the scope of this site, controversy or inconvenience to participants with unnecessary and off-topic comments. In the use of this site, users will not use foul language, indecent, abusive, profane, disparaging or defamatory, expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred, profanity, threatening, provocative or otherwise content that could be detrimental to the Company, the User site or to third parties. Their ideas are expressed without irreverent tone or deliberately provocative aim to spark debate arguments or disturbing .In the event of infringement by third parties of the above, please report promptly to the email address indicated in the Contact section of the User or to ' address.

axélero S.p.A. (Holder of site) and the User are independent data managers. The information provided below relates to axélero S.p.A. and that the User shall be construed separate legal entities and autonomous and individually responsabili.1. Source of personal data: axélero S.p.A. and the User use the data entered by filling in as autonomous controllers of trattamento.2 the registration form. Sensitive data: The consensus axélero S.p.A. and Site User ask you not about sensibili.3 data. Purpose of data processing: A) The provision of personal data is always optional, however, in the absence of completion of the fields marked as required (name, last name, city, date of birth, email, gender, password) services, or part of they present on this site can not be provided. The conferment of data not marked as 'mandatory' will improve the services offered on this Site in order to make them more responsive to the interests of utenti.B) If you want you could agree to option specifies, for the use of data for commercial purposes and for sending promotional communications, newsletters, and marketing information about the User's products and services, through the use of communications systems (email, sms, regular mail, phone).The user has the right to give or refuse consent to the processing of personal data for the pursuit of these finalità.C) If you want you could agree to option specifies, for the use of data for commercial purposes and for sending notices promotional, newsletters, and business information on Titrovo by axélero SpA products and services through the use of communications systems (email, sms, regular mail, phone).The user has the right to give or refuse consent to the processing of personal data for the pursuit of these finalità.D) If you want you could agree to option specifies, for the sending of promotional communications, newsletters, and business information also related to market research on products and services of third parties, autonomous controllers data processing, operating in on-line and off-line publishing industry, consumer, insurance, automotive, tourism, apparel and accessories, beauty and aesthetics, retail, property and electronic communications services, goods and digital communication services through the use of communications systems (email, sms, telephone, and postal mail). The user has the right to give or refuse consent to the processing of personal data for the achievement of these objectives .4. Duration of Treatment: The treatment will last no more than is necessary for the purposes for which the data were raccolti.5. data processing mode: The processing of personal data is done manually and with electronic tools, with logic strictly related to the purposes mentioned above, however, in order to ensure the security and confidentiality of data stessi.6. Persons to whom the data may be disclosed: axélero S.p.A. and website User will communicate the personal data provided to the following categories: companies that provide storage services for documents; accounting firms and certification of financial statements and generally all persons who perform in favor of the same activities of assistance and professional advice, necessary for the provision of services on the site in your favor. The subjects belonging to these categories, to whom the data can be communicated, will use the data as "holders" within the meaning of the Code regarding the protection of personal data, in full autonomy, being extraneous to the processing carried out at axélero S.p.A. or the Site User. They may become aware of the data, as the "Officers" or "Officers", the employees and the employees axélero S.p.A. or dell'Utilizzatore.7. Rights under Art. 7 of the Code regarding the protection of personal data: You have the right to obtain from axélero SpA and by the User of the site as an independent data controllers about the existence or not of personal data concerning him, even if not yet registered, and their communication in an intelligible form; the indication of personal data, the purposes and methods of treatment, the logic applied in case of processing with the aid of electronic instruments, and the persons or categories of persons to whom personal data may be disclosed or who can learn about them as managers or agents; the cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data processed in violation of the law and updating, correction or, if you so require the integration of data.For any communication concerning the processing of personal data by axélero SpA you can contact you take writing to contact or at fax number 02 93660539 or by post to the address TiTrovo powered by axélero S.p.A. - Via Cartesio, 2-20124 Milan.

With reference to the User of the Site you may contact him at the address listed in the "Contacts" section of this site.